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Our unique approach


Mindful Monkeys believes that all children are capable of learning the skills to self-regulate and self-control while remaining curious, silly, and playful.


Our comprehensive approach includes parents, children, and educators, while teaching everyone the ability to be present, find stillness, and becoming aware of their minds (thoughts), bodies, and emotions. We coach kids to develop skills for social connection, which is key for children’s development into healthy adults.

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Why Mindful Monkeys: Children are silly, witty, playful, curious, and funny. They move around, jump around, and it may seem as if they cannot keep still. Nonetheless, they can learn to calm down and relax as they learn how to breathe with their bodies and mind. They learn that finding stillness helps them become aware of themselves and their surroundings; embracing their silliness while also learning how to self-soothe. 


Mindfulness: Through yoga, children align their bodies and minds. This is exactly what mindfulness is: the aligning of the physical with the emotional and mental. We often use stories and characters to engage with the children in our classes. The foundational base of the stories will always carry a mindfulness message, which consists of following your dreams, believing in yourself, or building confidence.


Breathing: Through yoga sessions, we teach the skill of controlled breathing. A controlled breathing technique works well for stress and anxiety. Once mastered, this becomes a skill they can use later in life and practice for years to come. Yoga and breathing techniques can also be used as a powerful tool to minimize feelings of anxiety and fear.


Concentration: Yoga and mindfulness work as a short brain break. It empties the mind for the children. This helps them focus and learn how to give their undivided attention to certain tasks as they become eager in learning new things throughout their school day and at home. Yoga and mindfulness not only improve children’s level of concentration but also increase their attention span.


Healthy Bodies: During the yoga class, the children are stretching, strengthening, and building their coordination. Yoga poses can improve flexibility and increase blood flow; children and teens will learn to connect to their bodies and gain self-esteem.


Confidence: By mastering new yoga poses, children become confident!  Being able to master even the smallest pose, such as touching your toes, is a huge achievement for our children. With every new pose that they learn and master, the more confidence they gain.




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