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A collection of external resources we love


Jacquie Rangel LMHC,CMPC, RYT

Jacquie Rangel is a psychotherapist who focuses on healing root causes. She utilizes EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)  therapy and uses her background in the wellness industry to help support a strong nervous system. Jacquie works with all ages both remotely and in-person at her office in Coral Gables.

Harvard Center on the Developing Child
Video on executive functions
PDF with activities how to support your child in building executive functions 

Brigitte Carrero - Wellness coach

Her passion is to work with individuals dedicated to transforming their lives through focused improvements in fitness, nutritional habits, and mindset. Her ultimate goal is to help them achieve a more balanced lifestyle and mindset, paving the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Ute Dorsy - Health & Wellness Coach

As a dedicated Certified Adult & Children's Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist, Ute is your guiding light on the path to holistic well-being. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating 2/3/4 Hour Spa Retreats carefully crafted to restore harmony to your mind and body. Delve into the transformative powers of Breath Work & Meditation, curated to bring profound relaxation and mental clarity. Ute Dorsy's sanctuary is where wellness meets tranquility, offering a nurturing space for individuals seeking profound and sustainable health transformations

Fia Aliotta - Speech-Language Pathologist

Fia Aliotta is a mom, certified speech-language pathologist (M.S. CCC-SLP), and mindfulness teacher who lives in Miami, Florida with her family. She has a private practice for speech in both Miami and New York. Through Fia's company, Kindfully with Fia, she teaches mindfulness to children, parents, schools, and corporations. Fia is passionate about the benefits of mindfulness. She believes that teaching children about self-compassion and mindfulness at a young age helps them learn to be kind and accepting of themselves. In turn, these children will grow to be kind and accepting of others. Leo's Secret Key is Fia's first book and she hopes it will spread the secret key of self-love and kindness.

Lisbeth Reed, MS., Ed.
Lightwork Education & Wellness Center provides educational services and wellness programs such as "Be the Special Light" which incorporates adaptive yoga/mindfulness, art, and music/dance with academics to medically fragile students with and without disabilities. With a "school on wheels" approach, we are proud to provide services at Big Bear Academy.

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