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Our solutions for every need - creating more resilience, mindfulness  and happiness one child at a time

For everyone "here and there"


Children/ Teens with diverse abilities

Mindful Monkeys honors and supports all children and teens, regardless of any physical, developmental, and/or learning challenge.  We offer developmentally appropriate tools, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques tailored to the needs of each individual or group.


With the use of props and chairs, we can modify the movement to facilitate every physical need while maintaining a safe and fun class.  Our teachers are trained in a wide range of physical and mental diagnoses, and they use strategies targeted to communicate every individual’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs through yoga and mindfulness.

Baby and Me

One of the hardest things for a new mom is to get back to the mat or even start thinking about returning to a physical routine.  Through our gentle and compassionate class, we encourage parents to reconnect to their bodies while discovering a new yoga approach with the baby.  


While helping your baby stretch, you will find ease in your lower back and/or sciatica pain.  Slowly you will build strength and bring flexibility back to your hips. This class is targeted at fostering a collective environment through socialization with other parents, while also improving their emotional and physical well-being. 

Babies and Yoga

Family Yoga

This is the perfect opportunity for parents and children/teens to reconnect in a fun and nonjudgmental way.  Within a playful and welcoming atmosphere, we take parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and children through a mindful journey with partner poses, where they all laugh and reconnect with their inner child. 


Yoga does not need to be serious; during family yoga we dance, breathe, and relax together, strengthening bonds between parents and kids.  Parents learn to allow their kids to become their models and kids learn to allow parents to make mistakes while flowing together.  This process of accepting each other’s flaws during yoga builds compassion and communication between families.

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