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Our Services for Schools

Reflection vs. Detention

For years schools have used detention for managing bad behavior, nevertheless often it does not work.   Professionals in charge of detention rooms, report that kids that end up in detention are the same offenders every time.  This outcome demonstrates that detention is not effective and it’s not teaching kids coping skills for anger, frustration, defiance, or any unkind behavior presented during class.  


We must first teach kids that strong emotions can trigger reactions from our brains where our bodies and mind may not control the outcome.  Mindful Monkeys developed a strategy to replace “detention with reflection”.  


By allowing time and coaching kids to reflect, it allows them to process their behavior and to become aware of their actions.


Reflection must be taught to all kids, all ages, and regardless of their behavior.  During reflection, kids will learn about their brains, their chemical changes in their bodies, and how these changes are related to their emotions.  We teach them that every emotion can be regulated by daily mindfulness practices, such as mindful walks, mindful listening, mindful smells, mindful tasting, and mindful contemplation to the present moment.


We include breathing, sound therapy, journaling, movement, games, and engaging activities.  Kids can own the destiny of their behavior, but we have the responsibility to guide them through a safe place where they can learn to understand themselves. 

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