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Our Services for Schools


Situational Awareness

By the time kids are 4 or 5 years old they are running around trying to discover and become independent. They are naturally drawn to the unknown territory because they are curious and at times they don’t realize that they can quickly step away from their loved ones and get lost.  This is a common thing to happen, and it's important to sit with our kids and explain the importance of environment and situational awareness.


First things first! We need to teach kids to become aware of their thoughts, feelings, bodies, and surroundings.  Mindfulness for the little ones can come naturally because most of the time they are observing and recognizing new things around them, but we must help them differentiate what is normal or not. 


Mindful Monkeys Situational Awareness programs include natural and public settings. We prepare kids to learn the difference between awareness and suspicion. 


We do want our kids to trust and not to always be suspicious, but there is nothing wrong with giving them some simple and clear guidelines.  Through storytelling, we create real-life situations where children learn to recognize a threat in front of them and get help if need to.  This program utilizes puppets, games, music, books, and many fun activities and resources.

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