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Our Services for Schools


Social-emotional learning and mindfulness

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” 



Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness are two different skill sets that work wonderfully when learned together. 


SEL - Mindful Monkeys uses an outside-in approach by teaching kids relational awareness and how to practice being self-aware to better manage their behavior. We use techniques to help them set goals, make decisions, and get along with others. 


Mindfulness - Mindful Monkeys uses an inside-out approach by teaching kids to be in the present moment through understanding their thoughts, emotions, and feelings.  We believe that every child has the inner potential to develop healthy relationships while showing kindness and empathy to others. 


We use storytelling, games, coloring, breathing, sounds, movement, reflection, and meditation to help kids become aware of their bodies, mind, and the connection that they have with their emotions and thoughts.  Once they understand this, they can practice self-control and learn to resolve conflicts with others. 


By teaching kids how to be emotionally smart, we help them understand how to make the right choices and ultimately reach healthy adulthood.

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