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Workshops for Parents

Parents are being pulled in many different directions with high expectations and demands from their children, schools, workload, families, and friends.  They must follow certain standards or else they are not doing a good enough job, and also, they must attend to their day-to-day obligations on time.


The responsibility of being a “good parent” is not the only thing that weighs on our parents now and days; they must have successful careers, beautiful homes, and go on yearly vacations, contributing to their demanding financial burdens. Today’s parents carry stress on their bodies and minds from the moment they wake up until the last light turns off in the house. 


Mindful Monkeys brings a compassionate and practical program with mindful techniques for parents to practice self-care by integrating daily rituals into their home routines. .  Parents will learn to ease their day, by finding moments through the day to stop, center, and breathe.  That practice will enable them to remain on their executive part of their brain, which in turn will help them react to their daily situations in a wiser, kinder, and more compassionate way.  The goal is for parents to model calm and patience while building stronger connections with their kids.

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