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Our Services for Schools

Yoga and Mindfulness

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think”



Mindful Monkeys has created a safe, fun, and flexible environment to offset the pressures and stressful routines that our children and teens face in their daily lives. 


This is a moment to calm their minds and discover their bodies through breathing techniques, sound therapy, visual art, music, movement, reflection, coloring, storytelling, and games. 


We teach students to become cognizant by paying attention to a variety of tasks during class through a combination of activities.  


Through curiosity, laughter, relaxation, kindness, respect, and love, children gain better concentration, practice self-control, self-regulation and ultimately leave class feeling calm and happy.


The combination of yoga poses and affirmations helps children stay focused and present in the here and now.


Mindful Monkeys can work and adapt in a multitude of settings including schools, homes, clubs, parks, parties, studios, and hospitals! Anywhere where there are kids and teens!

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