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Mindful Monkeys
Kids Yoga & Mindfulness 

Silly but calm


Philosopy & Methodology

Mindful Monkeys believes that all children are capable of learning the skills to self-regulate and self-control while remaining curious, silly, and playful.


Our science-based approach incorporates self-regulating techniques for parents, educators, and children, resulting in more positive connections and healthier relationships.  Mindful Monkeys has created a safe, fun, and flexible environment to offset the pressures and stressful routines that our children and teens may be facing in today’s world.

Services For Schools

To cultivate a positive climate at schools,  the Mindful Monkeys Method has developed age-appropriate yoga movement classes and other programs such as: 

Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness skills from prek-12, helping students find their place in the world and getting them started on the path of a lifetime of emotional wellbeing.


Chair yoga in the classrooms, we offer “brain breaks” including movement and relaxation as part of the day curriculum or as an extra-curriculum activity 


Behavioral support “reflection vs. detention” program has proven to bring a healthier and more positive school environment


Situational Awareness Program, including natural and public settings. We prepare kids to learn the difference between awareness and suspicion. 


“Test Anxiety”, Mindful Monkeys has developed a program addressing every physical, emotional, and cognitive symptom through a detailed step-by-step process; while preparing for a positive and successful "test day" with practical tips.

Educator Workshops

Mindful Monkeys equips teachers with specific techniques to incorporate mindfulness practices into their everyday routines at home and in the classroom.  They will learn to center and stay calm throughout the day.


Privates/ Families

Our classes aim to calm and teach everyone to discover their body through breathing techniques, sound therapy, visual art, music, movement, reflection, coloring, storytelling, and games.

Classes for "Every Body"

We include children/teens with diverse abilities, family yoga, “baby and me” and  “special events”.

Mindful Monkeys can work and adapt in a multitude of settings including schools, homes, clubs, parks, parties, studios, and hospitals! Anywhere where there are kids and teens!


Workshops for Parents

We bring a compassionate and practical program with mindful techniques for parents to practice self-care by integrating daily rituals into their home routines.  




What school teachers think

"I was fortunate enough to have Monika teach my 8th-grade class. She explained to my students how to take care of their social-emotional health using simple strategies and memorable activities. 

Her ability to connect with my students was impressive, quickly gaining their trust and interest. 

The student feedback that I received following her visit included relief (how they could self-regulate during stress), and excitement about their new understanding of their 8th-grade brain (or developmental brain). 

The tools she shared with us became an important part of my teaching, as I was able to integrate her strategies into our daily routine seamlessly."

Kathy W., 8th Grade Spanish, El Roble Intermediate School